Our Vision & Mission


Spritual Formation based on the gospel values as thaught by the Sunflower Convent School. Moral upbringing aimed at the creation of a new society of wholesome individuals, families and communities. Empowering the Sacred Heartians to excel in all their endeavors, fostering their unique potentialities and equipping them with the skills for life in a fast changing world scenario.

The academic pursuits of our school strive towords blossoming of the virtues of Love, Wisdom and Service, the motto of the school in the young generation.


The Motto of the school is "Work is worship".It means hard work; detemination and concentration give one massive success. With the excellence of moral values and strong penance the school around 20 Km on its all sides there is no such schol that can provide modern education to the poor students of this locality. It was too difficult to send the wards to a distance for the better education . Due to short of money the poor guardians were unable provide such high quality of education to there own words . The school Philosophy is to provide the country a future citizen who can adopt to fast changing modern but remains firmly roted to the history and the cultural heritage of India. A Student of Sun Flower Convent School should be a true human being well equipped to face the challenge of the next millennium in the means of discipline ,socials responsibility and self-reliance.

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