Principal's Message

Dear students,

The wisdom of God is shown in that He left the world unfinished to that we might have the interest and delight in taking the “raw material” and putting the world together.

He left the oil in the trap rock, the aluminum in the clay, the paper in the pulp, the electricity in the clouds. He left the forest unfilled, the mountains unsurveyed, the canals undug, the tunnels unbored. He left the fields unplowed and unplanted. He left the music unwritten, the poetry undreamed and the dramas unplayed. He left inventions unapplied and cities unbuilt.

He left mind and character unperfected, that we might really be the children of God- created in His own image- with latent powers to take the “raw material” and put the world together.

Be creative! Be innovative! Creativity flowers when the feelings of the heart are touched and expressed naturally. There is nothing to hide. Creativity is not doing different things instead doing things differently. We often think in the same pattern and live with the same habits and circumstances. Often not ready to change the situations or not ready to take the risk that would require facing the challenges. When you respond to the same old situations you will certainly get the same old results. That does not need any creativity and innovation. All what it brings is nothing other than monotony and lethargic feeling to one’s life. So think differently and positively to make some kind of different result in one’s own life and to the society at large. If you are creative you can find a solution for every weakness you have and every strength you cherish it as the flower of life.

It is pretty difficult for us to get into innovation and creativity. We are not used to it that we try to kill our creativity and innovation at the conception itself. People who think differently are insane for the society. Still I would say it is worth unearthing the hidden treasures that God has invested in you to make the world a better place. So if you are convinced that you have something within you, go ahead fearlessly and bring it out.

Be creative! Be innovative! Be productive! Be useful!

Mr. Sohan

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