About Our School

Sunflower Convent School, Nandganj Ghazipur is a co-educational Senior Secondary School run by the Society "PUSHPAK SHIKSHAN SANSTHAN SAURAM GHAZIPUR". The Society "PUSHPAK SHIKSHAN SANSTHAN SAURAM GHAZIPUR" is registered under the Society's Registration JOINT EDUCATION DIRECTOR VARANASI Registration No. 696/2007-08.

The Education Institutions run by the above congregation aim to inculcate in the heart and minds of the children entrusted to them, love of God and love of humanity.

The aim of the school is to impart training in all fields academic, physical, cultural, moral and develop proper interest, attitude and values and skills and make each student a responsible and useful citizen.

The school is affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi.School Code 54920 and Affiliation Code 2131430 .The school follows the syllabus prescribed by the C.B.S.E. New Delhi. English is taught as first language, Hindi as second language. Admission is open to all.

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